RISE (Research Insights and Stories for Enlightenment) is an affiliated event at CRYPTO 2023. The aim of RISE is to provide a fun, as well as thought-provoking experience for everyone, by organizing activities that transcend the traditional boundaries of research-centric events. We wish to initiate a wholesome discussion amongst the attendees at CRYPTO on diverse topics through a wide spectrum of stories spread across two of our events – storySLAM. and mentorship lunches.

Through these events, we hope to highlight the stories of fellow cryptographers who have gone through similar experiences, showing participants that their own journey has common elements with others who have succeeded. In a friendly atmosphere that fosters a broader community amongst cryptographers, we hope to create an informal space where young cryptographers can connect with our mentors. It recognizes the common worries that often make it hard to approach new people. By making these connections possible, RISE shows that talking to like-minded people can be beneficial. It encourages everyone that taking the step to connect is an important part of growing and learning.

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Social Event

We will have fun social activities. Join us to connect and hangout with your peers!

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This will be a 2 hour event, where several junior and senior cryptographers share personal stories highlighting pivotal moments, challenges, triumphs, and lessons from their research journey. With this event our aim is to initiate a wholesome discussion on diverse topics through a wide-spectrum of stories that would be inspiring, and thought-provoking for young researchers.

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Mentorship Lunch

We will get a few senior researchers to sign up for meeting a small group of junior researchers during the lunch hours at CRYPTO. We will be circulating an excel sheet amongst all attendees closer to the conference. Please sign up if you are interested!

Event Sponsor

Hyperledger Fourndation